Friday, September 20, 2013

Unboxing The Hot Toys 1:6 scale 1989 Batmobile MMS 170

Hello everyone. It has been 9 months since my last post.
Today I'm doing the first time unboxing review on the Hot Toys 1:6 1989 Batmobile model no. MMS 170.
This 1989 Batmobile was out for Pre-order early 2012. At that time I was actually thinking of order two unit. Thanks Lord I didn't. It will cause me to move to a bigger house because of this. :)
I actually got this Batmobile early August but only can unbox it in September. Because I needed a bigger display case for this super size Batmobile, before wanting it to be on top of a table or something. This matt black Batmobile is a dust sucker. So for better storage place is needed for this want. 
At first was thinking to an aquarium tank to store this. But it would still need some rack to sit on. eventually I found a prefect glass display case with aluminium frame and with heavy duty wheels on it. 
Ok back to the unbox. First want to thank Hot Toys for making this dream car collectable.
This unit was well pack brown card board box then the actual Batmobile box size is approximately (11"H x 18"W x 41"L)
Due to it's size, I have to do this at my living room with a big sofa stand by for my Batmobile to unclip from the base cardboard.
During the unboxing I actually did not remove the black box out from the brown box, while taking my Batmobile out from it.

Inside the black box you will find another brown cardboard which I took out earlier before you can see the styrofoam packing material. This foam is act as a storage compartment for the Batmobile accessories and act as the main protection of the Batshield cover and the actual Batmobile itself. 

Once you remove the styrofoam then you will get to see Batshield in complete shape. As you can see, a 1:64 Hot Wheels 1989 Batmobile is place here for size comparing purposes only.
It is still smaller then the front wheel of the Batshield.
You can see the size different between the Batshield and the Batmobile

Do remember to put on the Batshield while taking the complete Batmobile and the base out from the box. As you can see the bottom cardboard is screw on with the car. Again the HW 1:64 1989 Batmobile is place there for size comparing purposes only.
* note: Turning the car a round with the shield on is tricky
Here you'll see there is 9 clip thingy has been slide on to a screw bushes

No screwdriver is needed here, just slide out the 9 picture show below.

Once all the clip is out you can lift up the thick cardboard.

No worry about the loose plastic sheet on the Batshield. It was just a protection cover just like the RC car body shell protection cover.

To remove the plastic bush from the bottom of the car, you may need a standard size + screwdriver to unscrew it counter clockwise.
* Tips:  I only remove the two bush that located behind the front wheel. Because I find it can be use as a invisible car stand. Because of the car weight, it would be good to keep the rest of the bush on it to help keeping the tire is prefect round shape and the plastic parts from bending due to long period of display.
The front service compartment.

Centre console service compartment. After checking on it I found there is a big empty compartment in it.

Here are the picture of the mid-front section. HT should do something like the turbine in here.   
 My whole palm can enter it without bending my fingers.
The rear light serviceable compartment.
*note the reddish plastic piece need to be remove, in order for the rear wheel to be able to rotate.
Although the size of the Batshield is a bit out of size, it does great job protecting the Batmobile with all the thick black sponge.
Here are the parts, accessory and instruction manual for the Batmobile
That's all for the Unboxing for the MMS 170.
Hope you find the tips is helpful.
If you have other helpful tips to add on, do send me a comment .
Thank You.

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