Saturday, March 24, 2012

Initial D

The INITIAL D AE86 EX model by SEGA & Kodansha.
I first got to know this set back in two years back.(only the Fujiwara black top ver.)
I'm glad to have it both in my collection. Hope you enjoy the picture and some really close up shot on the driver area.

Spec & fact
This Sega version of AE86 size was in between 1/43 to 1/24 scale.
It is made by Plastic and rubber material.
Has a fairly detail for it's scale, on the engine, anti flex bar, car seat, driver, Tau Fu tray and the car body shell.


omaq ! said...

where do you buy The INITIAL D AE86 EX model by SEGA & Kodansha?
What's the price?

Melvin said...

I brought from a seller at Taiwan. Thanks

Wan Shahib Igal Wan Hashim said...

how to buy??