Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steam Locomotive

This my two set Steam Locomotive train die-cast collection
The first train is made by Maisto ON TRACK series. Each model come with a rail way track and can plug them up together, make it to a long rail way track.
It is very detail train, movable the piston rod & wheels, track & detail paint job too.

The smoke is NOT real. (picture edited)

This is a real Steam Locomotive Train
The second train is made by Tomica.
I only like to collect this train compare with the other bullet train.
The paint job is detail but do not come with any tracks and
the only moving parts is the wheels & the rear carrier.

This a real size train in Japan
The side by side compare between Maisto & Tomica train.
Maisto is bigger than the Tomica and more detail on the train parts.

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OniMusha said...

I have the Tomica Train also! haha

its quite expensive, I bought it for 50 RM. DId you also?