Thursday, July 2, 2009

London Double Decker Bus

The Bristol Lodekka was a low-height double-decker bus built by Bristol Commercial Vehicles in England.
Bristol manufactured over 5200 Lodekkas from 1949 to 1968, as a standard double-deck vehicle for the UK state-owned bus sector. With all examples bodied by Eastern Coach Works in Lowestoft, they have a traditional half cab design and a lower floor level allowing a low overall height. The first LD-series and the later FL and FS had a rear platform, but the FSF and FLF had a front entrance. Most were powered by 5 or 6-cylinder Gardner engines, with fewer having a Bristol or Leyland power unit. With the arrival of more modern "OMO" or one person operated buses, such as the Leyland Atlantean and Bristol VRT (the Lodekka's successor), many Lodekkas found themselves relegated to driver training duties. Surrey-based Top Deck Travel converted approximately 100 to "decker home" caravan standard between 1973 and 1997, and used these buses on extended tours to Europe, Asia and and North America.

This abandon Bristol Lodekka was found in one of the bungalow at Petaling Jaya.

Year : 1959
Make : Bristol
Model : Lodekka
Body : Double Decker
Engine : Gardner 5LW (5 cylinder diesel engine)
Transmission : 4 speed manual transmission
Passengers : 60

This the replica version of the Lodekka DD Bus. 1/76 scale die cast metal model, made by CORGI CLASSICS in 2005. Unfortunately I don't have it yet.

Here is some of my Double Decker Bus collection. This first bus SS 5854 was brought it last year from another collector. Not sure what was the brand, just know it is made in China. Come with rubber tire.

This second DD Bus is from Welly, come with rubber tire and have a pull back & go action too.

This third & fourth DD Bus is from Fast Lane. One have top roof and the other don't. It doesn't come with rubber tire

The real picture and information on Bristol Lodekka bus is from wikipedia

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