Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ferrari F1 (F2008 Vs F2005)

Finally I got my 2009 Ferrari F1, model F2008 this morning and the garage. This F1 have only the pull back go forward function it do not have the steer left & right function like the others Ferrari cars. The picture of the box also speak for itself. (do not have the direction button)

The new F1(F2008) have different detail compare the older F1(F2005)
- more printing on the car. (include the back of the rear wing)
- printed Bridgestone Potenza wording on tire.
- black new rim.
- different front & rear tire
- got driver.
- better build to cover up the rear pull back mechanical gear box and front shaft
(see the top view picture)

More 2009 Shell Ferrari cars and garage review coming up soon....

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